Brace Care


Brush "above" and "below" the braces. Make sure you get close to the bracket edge as this is where a lot of plaque (germs!) gets trapped.

Make sure you brush all the way to the gum margins too.

In areas with no braces, brush as you normally should. Remember NEVER to "scrub" the sides of the teeth where the gums are. This will lead to increased gum recession.

Instead use and gentle back and forth, "jiggling" motion to clean off the plaque. Plaque is soft but very sticky. So you don't have to brush hard but instead spend more time on each area when you brush. You can "scrub" the chewing surfaces (top of the teeth) as this will not harm the gums.

In between the brackets

Use an interdental toothbrush to go "under" the wire to clean between the brackets. Again, go close to the bracket edge.


Use a floss threader to help you guide the floss under the wire first. Thereafter you can floss as usual.

Make sure you "hug" the side of the tooth as you scrape up and down to remove plaque.


Use a fluoride mouthwash to supplement your brushing. This will help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Other points to note

  • Cut big chunks of food into smaller pieces before eating (e.g. slicing an apple instead of biting directing onto it)
  • Avoid biting on very hard foods (e.g. ice)
  • Avoid very sticky foods. Brush thoroughly after having sticky foods.
  • Visit your GENERAL DENTIST regularly. You may want to go for cleaning more often when you have braces on.

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